Slender Man is a paranormal entity that serves as the main antagonist of Slender and Slender: The Arrival. He will also return as the secondary antagonist of the upcoming game, The Chaser.

Physical appearance Edit

Slender Man is described as a tall man (6-15ft in appearance) who is very thin and slender (hence his name). He has long arms and appears to be wearing a black suit with a black or red tie. He appears to be bald and has no facial features. When a victim is in close proximity to Slender Man, he outstretches his arms and will protrude four to eight long black tentacles from his back.

Slender series Edit

Slender Man makes his first virtual appearance in Slender, in which (upon collecting a page) he torments the player throughout a forest as they try to collect all eight pages on various landmarks. Upon collecting all eight pages, the game will end with the Slender Man unexpectedly coming from behind the player and supposedly killing them.

Slender Man also appears in the sequel of Slender, Slender: The Arrival. Appearing as a hallucination in the first chapter, he reprises his role in Chapter 2 "The Eight Pages", where he continues to torment the player as they attempt to collect all eight pages, only in a more horrifying manner than in the first game. He also appears in Chapter 3 "Into The Abyss", helping the Chaser try and prevent the player from activating all six generators and escaping.

The Chaser Edit

Slender Man will appear in the upcoming indie survival horror game, The Chaser as the main antagonist of the game's "Oakside" DLC.