Kate (last name believed to be Milens or Hayes) is the (albeit unseen) main protagonist of Slender. She later returns as a playable character in Slender: The Arrival.

Background Edit

According to Slender: The Arrival, Kate grew up at her house located outside of Oakside Park . She grew up with two close friends, Lauren and CR. She would play on the swing set outside her house with Lauren and often times go "ghost hunting" with CR out in the woods behind her home. Eventually, both Kate and CR began having hallucinations of Slender Man. At some point, Kate and CR went into the woods behind her house once more. CR got lost in the dark, hearing Kate screaming. He found Kate at her house, watching television. Unable to get her attention, CR left. Sometime after, Kate put her house up for sale as an attempt to escape from Slender Man. She began obsessing over him, constantly making drawings of him. One night, Slender Man finally came to take Kate. She tried to isolate herself from him but failed and was proxified into an entity known as "The Chaser".