Generators play a crucial role in both "Into The Abyss", the third chapter of Slender: The Arrival and The Chaser. In order to survive, the player must collect gas canisters (only on Hardcore Mode in The Arrival and always in The Chaser) and use them to power all of the generators throughout the level.

Slender: The Arrival Edit

Upon entering Kullman Mines, Lauren will find a lone generator (as well as a gas canister if on Hardcore difficulty). Upon activating this generator, it will unlock every room in Kullman Mines. Lauren must continue to find the other five generators and activate them, while simultaneously trying to outlast both Slender Man and the Chaser. Once all six generators have been activated, the player then must get on the elevator located next to the first generator in order to escape the facility.

The Chaser Edit


New generator design as seen in The Chaser.

The generators return as the main objective of The Chaser. Similar to in The Arrival, the player will find the first generator upon entering the abandoned hospital. However, unlike its predecessor, there are now ten generators in The Chaser rather than six, and also ten gas canisters that must be collected in order to activate them. All the generators and gas canisters have distinct locations and can be found anywhere throughout the hospital.