Charlie is a proxy who was abducted as a child by Slender Man. He appeared as the tertiary antagonist of the Steam version of Slender: The Arrival.

Slender: The Arrival Edit

Charlie makes his first (brief) appearance in Chapter 1: "Prologue". Lauren finds him standing inside the remains of a burnt house just outside of Oakside Park. If Lauren gets too close, images will flash across the screen and Charlie disappears.

In Chapter 8: "The Arrival" after Lauren reaches the Radio Tower and listens to a recording of CR committing suicide, Charlie breaks in and kidnaps Lauren. She wakes up in a room with him guarding the stairs. After collecting a book, Charlie vanishes, and the crying of Kate is heard.

Charlie appears as the main antagonist in Chapter 7: "Homestead" where he stalks and later chases CR off of the Matheson Farmstead after the latter takes his old toys from the chapel.

The Chaser Edit

Charlie will reappear as an Easter Egg in The Chaser. He will appear in a level and finding him will give the player an achievement.